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Information on the Subject for Study

right List of Lectures
right List of Lectures with Comments
right Scholarships
right Consultation for the Study of Mathematics
right Committees for Examinations (incl. schedules for studying mathematical subjects and recent infos on examinations)
right Studying Regulations and Regulations for Qualifying Examinations

right Information for Students of the University of Bayreuth
right Additional Qualifications during Study
right Additional Qualification "Competence in Multimedia"
right Study Certification for Knowledge in Foreign Languages (of the "Sprachenzentrum" ESZETT = Centre for Education in Foreign Languages)
right Virtual University of Bavaria (VHB)

right Career Service (incl. job offers, trainee programs, ...)
right Information for Graduated Students (job offers, addresses of companies listed by the chair "Mathematics in Engineering Sciences")
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Search for Literature

right Online Database Retrieval in Mathematics en
right Online Databases at the Library of the University
right Search in Catalogues (system "OPAC" at the library of the University resp. at the Association of Bavarian Libraries "Bibliotheksverbund")
right Library of the University
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Schedules and Institutions

right Schedules for the Study in the Years 2006/07 (incl. enrolment, start of the semester, registering for the next semester)
right Institutions
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Information on Computers

right Short News of the Computing Centre
right Network Status at the University (Computing Centre of the University)
right Virus Warnings of the Computing Centre of the University

right Overview on Possibilities for e-mail at the University
right Students' Server

right Computer and Equipment at the Computing Centre
right Print-outs and Plots at the Computing Centre
right access to the network of the University (via modem/ISDN/VPN/laptop) (incl. parameters for configuration)
right WAP-Pool Mathematics/Computer Science
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Search for Persons and Content

right Search Engine and Address Book of the University
right Search Engine for this WWW Server
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