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Institutions of the University

right Homepage of the University de
right University Governance and Administration de
right Central Administration of the University de

right "Studentenkanzlei" (Office for Student Affairs)
right "Akademisches Auslandsamt" (Office for Studying Affairs in Foreign Countries)
right Centre for Consultations in Studying Affairs
right Organization "Mittelbau" of the Scientific Employees of the University
right Students' Representatives de
right Student Body of Mathematics/Physics de

rightFaculty of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science de
rightDepartment of Mathematics
right Institute for Applied Computer Science

right Library of the University de
right Computing Centre de
right "Sprachenzentrum" (Centre for Education in Foreign Languages) de

right "Studentenwerk Oberfranken" (Centre for Social and Medical Affairs of Students) de
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External Institutions Concerning Universities

right Council of the Presidents of the Universities (HRK)
right Council of All German Faculties of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (MNFT)

right German Association of Lecturers in Universities (DHV)
right German Association of Scientific Employees (BAM)
right Bavarian Association of Scientific Employees (LAMB)

right Council of German Student Bodies for Mathematics (KoMa)
right Independent Federation of Student Bodies (FZS)
right Council of Bavarian Student Bodies (LAK Bavaria)
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